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Fridays has achieved the highest level of vertical integration in the UK egg sector. From the rearing of day old chicks through to the marketing of eggs on shelf, we perform every aspect of production in house.

All sites (including 6 production sites) are situated within 20 minutes of our Head Office.

This results in a uniquely high level of vertical integration, allowing cost savings and control throughout our production system.

Arable Production and Feed Milling
We mill all of our standard and free range hen feed (UFAS Accredited), with the addition of raw materials grown and processed by our own arable production.

Pullet Rearing
Day old chicks are carefully reared at our specialised sites before going into lay.

Production Flocks
The vast majority of our eggs are produced by our own flocks. To satisfy the market’s demand, we produce eggs to all UK welfare standards. We have always been at the forefront of category development, from the early development of modern free range production through to recent progress in barn eggs.

All of our fresh eggs are packed through two state-of-the-art egg graders with the world’s highest capacity egg grading facilities.

We deliver products to our customers nationally with our own HGV fleet. The fleet consists of ambient, chilled and multi-temp vehicles to support our chilled products division.

We supply a comprehensive marketing and category management service to our customers. With specialised expertise in category analysis, promotional support and brand development, we work with our customers to develop and grow their egg categories.