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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Fridays we believe that good ethics and good business go together to naturally produce the best long-term results for the company.

Our business principles reflect and reinforce this. Through them we continue to play a positive part in society, grow in value, attract good people and create a product that people enjoy.

At Fridays we take our responsibility and reputation as a good corporate citizen seriously. We are proud of our principles and their effect on how we do business.

This booklet has evolved from our code of conduct and takes into account global standards – such as the International Labour Organisation conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – as well as cultural and legal best practices from local markets.

It clearly states our business principles. It shows what impact it has on everyone involved with Fridays, from the board, the business and employees, to consumers, suppliers and business partners.

It highlights our responsibility as a company and as individuals to:

These principles sit at the heart of management. Through them we can protect and perpetuate the ethical standards that make this a good company to work for and to deal with.

By working together we can ensure our company maintains its reputation for ethical standards and keeps its promises.

Purpose and Values

We work together to create a product that is wholesome, good value and one which our customers want to buy.

Our measure of success is the value we create for the company. We can only maximise this value if we respect our commitment to everyone, our consumers, customers, colleagues, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

In our actions we believe in showing integrity, openness and responsibility, reflected in the way the company has been built up.

In the way we work we aim to reflect the principles of clear objectives, simple organisation and quality.

Through this we can take advantage of change and maintain a competitive advantage.

Corporate Governence

Our board of directors is responsible for the proper management of the company.

Legal compliance
We are committed to strict compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to our business activities.

Company records
All books and records are kept in accordance with applicable laws and accounting standards, fully reflecting all receipts and expenditures.

Company reporting
We are committed to openness in all forms of reporting. The reports and information we supply to regulatory agencies or other government organisations are complete and not misleading.

Ethical business practices

We expect honesty, openness and courtesy from all employees in their business dealings. This means that everyone must act in an ethical way and respect the dignity and human rights of other colleagues and the people we do business with.

We communicate openly, directly and accurately with the public. We will not give special treatment to any individual or institution. Matters relating to the company must not be discussed with representatives of the media unless specifically authorised by senior management.

We expect employees to keep all company information confidential. This may include product formulation, processes, marketing plans, suppliers, customers, financial information, personnel and employment matters and other information not generally known to the public. These obligations apply to all employees, including those who have left the company.

Conflicts of interest
Employees should not have outside commercial interests that conflict with the best interest of the company. In addition, employees may not work simultaneously for a competitor, customer or supplier.

Gifts and improper payments
Gifts of money, goods, services or other favours (other than those listed below) must not be asked for or accepted. Small tokens and reasonable hospitality may be accepted, provided they do not place you under any obligation and cannot be misconstrued. Improper payments must not be offered or made. This does not stop you from receiving or giving reasonable business-related products, marketing materials or entertainment.

Appropriate use of company resources
We expect our employees to use our resources in a reasonable and ethical manner. While incidental or occasional personal use may be allowed with prior approval from a senior manager, misuse is an ethical violation. For example, we support and encourage the use of e-mail and internet services for conducting company business, but have formal standards and practices in order to protect the company from potential abuse and associated risk.

Corporate opportunities
Employees may not: take for themselves personally opportunities that are discovered through the use of corporate property, information or position; use corporate property, information or position for personal gain; or compete with the company. Employees owe a duty to the company to advance its legitimate interest when the opportunity to do so arises.

We are committed to free and open competition. We will compete vigorously but honestly, while complying with all competition and anti-trust laws.


It is Fridays policy to promote fair and reasonable working conditions which will not support any activities that are discriminatory, unsafe or detrimental to its workforce. Fridays will comply with all current national legal standards and practices and will also endorse the ETI base code on International Labour Standards as follows:

Health and safety
We recognise the importance of health and safety within our business. We seek to provide a healthy and safe working environment in line with current legislation and best practices.

Equal opportunities, diversity and personal development
We will recruit and promote employees on the basis of their suitability for the job without discriminating on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status or disability. We will not tolerate sexual, physical or mental harassment of employees.

We value diversity. Employees from varied backgrounds enrich our company’s culture and support our commercial success.

For further details consult our Ethical Trading Initiative policy.


Product integrity
We are committed to providing consumers with high quality, wholesome products which are marketed truthfully, labelled clearly and, as a minimum, meet relevant food safety regulations.

Advertising and promotions
All advertising, promotions and other public communications will be conducted in line with the principles of honesty, integrity and openness.

Customers and suppliers

We will carry out our business honestly, ethically and with respect for the rights and interests of the people with whom we do business. We expect relations with suppliers and trade customers to be mutually beneficial and will encourage our principles and standards to be upheld while the relationship continues.

Modern Slavery

Fridays Limited recognises that it has a responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking and is absolutely committed to its prevention in its activities.
This statement sets out the approach the company will adopt to determine the modern slavery risks associated with its business activities and then the steps it will put in place to ensure the absence of slavery and human trafficking in its own business and supply chains. Here is our full statement.

Community activities

We recognise our responsibilities as a member of the communities in which we operate. We will endeavor to encourage and support efforts made to further educational and social fabric causes in the local community.

Government relations

We support dialogue between business and government authorities at local and national levels to promote and implement relevant legislation, regulations and agreements while safeguarding a healthy and competitive business environment.

The environment

We recognise our environmental responsibilities and our contribution to sustainable development. Our environmental policy and its management deal not only with the environmental issues connected with our facilities and processes, but also with protecting the ecosystems that surround us.

Compliance with business principles

This statement applies to all our employees. It confirms our dedication to the highest standards of business conduct.

There are other policies and procedures within the company which should be referred to for further detail.

We expect every employee to uphold our ethical business practices. Each manager is responsible for the behaviour of those under his or her control. Failure to comply with the standards in this statement may result in disciplinary action being taken.

Every effort should also be made to ensure that we promote these principles and values in our dealings with others.

Speaking up

If you know or have a genuine suspicion of any legal violation in work related issues or breaches of these principles, you should report them to your manager or personnel department so that action can be taken.

We will make every effort to protect the confidentiality of those who raise concerns. We will not criticise anyone for speaking up. We will not permit retaliation for reports of misconduct by others made in good faith by employees.

We will treat any attempt to prevent employees from raising concerns as a serious disciplinary offence.


No statement of business principles can deal with all situations. It is, therefore, everyone’s responsibility to apply the principles set out in this document and thereby exercise good business judgement.